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Peter Hammill - "She comes towards the door" lyrics

No, what a House
Monstrous thought! We
Now the punishment breath!
is finished. The evil that House
You said is done we are!
she was dead... cannot be We
You watched undone. could not
her dying!
It's over now It's over now
What evil have let
you done? It could not
be prevented them go!
God, what a
monstrous thought!
It's over now It's over now. We
The evil that
Why must innocence is done could
be punished?
Could this have not
been prevented?
It's over now It's over now
The evil that The evil that We
is done... is done could not
could not
be prevented let
could this have could never
been prevented? be prevented
them go!
I dare not could this have it could not
I dared not speak! been prevented? be prevented!
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I tell you
that she now stands
outside the door!
I'm looking
Now, No,
Madeline! Madeline!
I have counted
to a hundred
with my eyes closed
and I'm coming
I am the last now to find you... Leave!
of the Usher! Depart!
my sister's d**h Go!
shall leave me so.
Where are you It's over now
I am If I wasn't so
the last afraid I'd
Usher Roderick touch her Leave!
I feel where are you? It's over now Depart!
the sky I see. Go!
Now he sings
of d**h, the evil the evil
some things even that is done that is one
I feel madder cannot be cannot be
the sky undone undone
moan shuts himself away the evil the evil
to join shuts himself away that is come that is come
with the slime!
He shut could not could not
himself away! be prevented. be prevented.

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