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Peter Hammill - "One thing at a time" lyrics


I didn't mean to interrupt...
Montresor, you came!
Did you think I'd ignore your letter?
Montresor, you're here!
Come let me help you with your coat.
Sit down and rest yourself.
Oh, it's so good to see you here!
Now tell me all your news...
I see you've changed a bit, my friend...
Now won't you have a drink...
Yes, yes
but one thing at a time!
First you must tell me what...
But I expect I too have changed.
How many years could it be now
since last we said farewell?
It must be ten years
since our last meeting,
Yes, it must be ten years
since our last meeting since our last meeting.
Tell me what is wrong?
Your letter spoke
of a malady;
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some desperate trial
you could not face alone...
Oh, no, you tell me all your doings!
Tell me.
Tell me
how you pa** your days how you pa** your days
Tell me
from the beginning. from the beginning
Tell me
everything everything
that's happened
since we went our since we went our
separate ways. separate ways.
Look at me...
I have not left these walls
these three years,
I do not dare to do so!
I am imprisoned and fear is my gaoler.
Each word I speak
seems too dangerous.
My slightest act could bring about
the very thing I fear
But fear of what?
Hush, and I shall tell you...
tell you...

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