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Peter Hammill - "Five years ago" lyrics

MADELINE That must be Montresor...
Good morning! Oh, how lovely to see you -
since Roderick told me you were coming
I have been so excited.
Now you are here, all will be well once more.
I was not here last night to greet you,
you must think me ill-mannered,
but sadly I am not enjoying the good health I used to...
Madeline, I must confess it's hard finding words
that say what I feel...
MADELINE Oh, Montresor, you're being solemn
and it's all quite uncalled for.
I feel quite sure I'm growing stronger
and the doctor agrees with me -
so you see all will be well once more.
Five years ago we were a very different family,
but how things change!
Roderick and I were both living abroad when father died.
We both returned from Florence
to take up Roderick's inheritance.
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The House was dark and so full of sadness.
But you know my brother and how sensitive he is.
He lives in the music of his wild melodies.
Now as time went by so his songs grew sadder,
now he never smiled as he played.
Now he sings of d**h and some things even madder;
shuts himself away, brooding to himself,
come to me at night,
staring at my face 'till I fell afraid.
When I am better we must all
holiday together
as in the old days. Yes, you know
how much I'd love that
You would be good for us both,
as good for us both as before
You look so much the same!
I must confess that you have changed...
Do you remember? Everything.
The fragile hour,
the silent walk with a friend.

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