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Peter Hammill - "An influence" lyrics

Yes, she does not know it yet;
Perhaps for the best
so sure she will recover
and so full of life full of life
full of life,
my brave my brave
Madeline Madeline
This House devours her
so take her from this place
preparing the final torment
of its empty space empty space
a silent, empty space silent empty space
Madeline Madeline
This is only a house my friend
USHER Which, by dint of long and undisturbed endurance.
by its mere form and substance,
has obtained an influence, a silent
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yet importunate and terrifying hold
which, for centuries,
has moulded the destiny of my family
and now makes of me whatever it is I am.
The House is Usher and Usher is the House:
the two are indivisible.
It was born with us, prospered with us, suffered too.
And it will, in some way, die with us, soon.
I am the last of the Usher,
mine is the last drop of Usher blood,
The last of the Usher!
The House has told me in midnight breathing
from my chamber walls,
the House has told me in the secret murmur
of the stones that none can hear save I.
I am the last of the Usher,
my sister's d**h shall leave me so;
I am the last of the Usher,
so in Usher's House I will wait alone.
MONTRESOR Roderick, this is nightmare talk.
Come back with me, both of you, while you're yet able
You can't stay here and rot!

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