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Peter Evans - (That's When You Know) Something's Up lyrics

I've been going round in circles, pulling on a thread of doubt

And now I'm almost naked, sleepless and strung out

I tell myself its better, to let suspicion run on by

It's hard to know for sure, when she won't look me in the eye

But the rest of her's alluring, and I'm afraid of her reply

If I should come right out accusing, will she tell another lie?

She's being non-committal, but girls' night ends at dawn

She's out 4 times a week, at least twice a month she's on

If I ask is there a problem, she denies it with a grin

But cuts off her conversations, every time that I walk in

It s**s to say I'm certain, she's had someone else in the sack

When I told her we need to talk, it was four days till she came back

That's when you know that something's up

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She's wearing different clothing, at work and on the town

Her kiss has grown peculiar, in a way I can't pin down

We had dreams for our vacation, but they never came around

And at times her conversation, has a puzzling foreign sound

I think I heard her make a slip, last week when she got pissed

There's only one conclusion, I can draw from all of this

She showers when she comes home, she's on edge and can't relax

My woman has been cheating, and covering her tracks

I didn't want to see it coming, or be the victim of deceit

I haven't lost, no, I've recovered, it's just a setback, not defeat

'Cause now I know that something's up

It pains me to admit it, but our love has been disgraced

Next time she comes home lagging, she'll find the locks replaced

She'll know I know that something's up

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