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Pegasus - 03 - Red Cave - Freedom's Core lyrics

[Verse 1: Red Cave]

After standing in the cold, man I was gettin' old
Yeah, my beats were fire but that ain't enough to make ‘em fold
Slippin down into the underground
Red brick in the cave, yeah it was all around
Pullin' up to the cafe in my Michael Kors
Get a hot pressed panini but I'm wanting more
‘Cuz I ain't aboutta leave till I see Ted Cruz--
--'s staffers chattin' and sippin booze
Nah, I'm finna sit, eatin Fiber One with my biddies
Senate? More like Sen-ATE, we droppin' fitties
Tryna satiate my hunger, but it's hard to do
‘Cuz C-SPAN's on the TV in the corner, foo'!

[Verse 2: Freedom's Core]

Standin' seems to be what we doin' today
‘Cuz everywhere that we go, we just gotta wait
This time, though, it was for Mr. Zack
He was in the buildin' while we was talkin' smack
Not about him, though, ‘cuz he's a bawss
We just tryna be model students, Karlie Kloss
We looked far ‘n' wide for our pal in red
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But we couldn't find him so we walked in instead
In front of us was James Hohmann himself
He was droppin' truth bombs like Dobby the Elf
Though near the end, he said he didn't vote
But that's your civic duty, man, I thought you were G.O.A.T
Then came the guy who looked like George Stephanopoulos
Poly sci professor in this great metropolis
He said Hillary had a fifty-fifty chance
Consequently Andrew did a happy dance
He told us how Bush would direct a campaign
Predicting the winner would be a real pain
Public opinion, advertising, and smear
Pegah's thoughts on Judas were something to hear
He said although the GOP wantsa win
Embracin' immigration reform is kinda a sin
Soon it was 3:30, talk's over
We stumbled to the metro, civically informed and sober
But what's the deal with all this politicization
The media's entertainment instead of communication
Capitol hill ain't as bad as it seems
The pursuit of power's part of every regime
So sit back, don't sensationalize
If we disconnect from politics it'll be our demise
“We the people” is becoming fresh fiction, fam
Disillusionment is real ‘cause we just don't give a damn

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