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Pedigree - Pointer lyrics

[Verse 1: Pedigree]

Time to take this f**ing dummies on a crash course

Settle it with four scores seven years ago, What was

Professor X without mojo, that sauce on my potatoes

Makes me loco, ya n***as playing checkers and im playing Go

I cut ya head off give it to al snow, We run the offense

Just x and o's head down to the church play some limbo

Talking sh** get hit with the akimbo... Dual wield n***a

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[Verse 2: Screw]

Guess Who yeah we attacking like animals

Better watch ya girl we chew her up like some cannibals

See her dripping red yeah we slurp her up like some danimals

Yeah we up in houses we ravenging making noise

Going harder than chris benoit on roids

Yeah we spittin cynical sh** for the joy

Of hearing you p**y motherf**ers scream like little girls

Pretty much f**ing the world, and i ain't cum yet

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