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Pedigree - HAPPY EVIL lyrics

[Verse 1:PEDIGREE]
The rabbit needs a doc the docotor needs a clock as he waits for his doom until his heart stops
Piping the crack rocks its so very exotic now im changing the colors like im Rodman
I prefer the devil on rolling stones k** em now k** em on our own
The walls smeared b**hes in tears crying for they children but I can smell they fear sorrow from there peers sucidual letters going out to dear get ran over like a f**ing deer I feel like an evil shakespeare lets watch my deadly play premier
Bodies everywhere sh** is so severe all the screams you can hear all yours fears come to life all your nightmares has appearred the end is so near your casket is now prepared d**h is oh so clear her body's derailed yeah that b**h is pale

[Verse 1:Kanobe]
Let's do this My flow's sick im FLUENT
Im not 50 or blind fury im so annoying im a NUISANCE
I dont own any phantoms so the girls just keep BOOING
Please dont look so clueless the wordplay's confusing
I been magined getting rich and going ghost since I was 10
I meen who would care if I went ghost I hardly have friends
This robot came from the future theres no telling where it's BEEN
I got enough blood on my hands that I can kao ken
No I would like literally ko ken
Opposites can attract like good and sin
You rappers know you will lose u just dont know WEEN
GUESS WHO ii w/e im bout to go in
Im a frekin beast
Tell miami I got HEAT
Been starving since I was eight and I still wanna EAT
Arian evolved into vegitarian just for that green
ThereFORE theres never beef when me and ememies MEAT
There always mad not like my girl I call her number 3 aka nintendo wii yea im like a ghetto geek
I love chinese but would never eat the cat
Get me?

Number 2 thats my crew flyer than plains always on the move
Number 1 I guess thats me uno! wheres my pizza jeeze..
I hate crust and I dont get sauced I just want that extra cheese
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Not a actor but I won't stop till im seen in every scene
Hmmm I think I k**ed the beat
Let it respawn so I can lead it to its doom I can spawn k** thaat noob I can to that cause im a frekin don
I promise u I will become the black james bond
And buy fancy cloths on WEEKENDS
Wearing louis vuitton like ARMSTRONG
My balls smell like mangos white girls love my yango
And I be going ape minus well call it tango
Pay attention this is guess who music I told that white girl merial she needs courage if she wants me to ustis

Im doing this for me
My family and team
Always making raps
But ull never see me in the streets
No offense theres nothing wrong with hoodlums having beef
Im just kid that actually has a dream
They even dress sloppy if I was them I would watch me
They wear g shocks, I prefer z shocks
They wear yolo claiming they're so hot
My bbc cost alot plus it doesnt restock
Not only do they hate me they also despise my idols
Pharrell jayz kanye my music bibel
And if u hating on sean then I dont know what u on
Just remeber sean has coups while u jawns use coupons
Guess who taking over what a bumber, whilte the rest of u can't use big words I can rap in numbers
Number 1 there the yellow stuff left in the toilet
Im number 2 im always right like the pencil u right?
And to all these hoodrats I see on my macs lcd giving head faster thing horse derbies
Srry your not worthy u girls r too thirty
Im ahead of my time I get out way before 2:30
This song just od
Its like goku s**ing alisha on the piano using no keys

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