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Pedagogic torment - Amok lyrics

Open your eyes but can see nothing
Only darkness is around you
Swimming in water needn´t breathing
But it´s only the beginning

It´s the beginning of homicide

Getting out of the spreaded legs of its mother
Hang in the hands of the doctor
Waiting for hit and scream

New born and breath in
Till now the world is so fine
The time at the hospital is over
Now your treatment begins

They come home and the trouble begins
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The immature mother can´t fit her charge
She starts to drink like in the pregnancy
She cries out this is too much for me
She takes the body and smash it to the ground
The child dies because of destruction wound
Mothers give life mothers take it

Stand at the tree can´t understand
Only darkness is around you
There´s nobody hold your f**ing hand
But it´s only the beginning
It´s the beginning of suicide

Your child is dead you can´t stand the truth now it´s over
Take the f**ing kitchen knife and cut your throat off

And the moral of child destruction
Children die by cruel homicide

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