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Pears - Anhedonia lyrics

[Verse 1: Zach Quinn]
Deep within attentions equidistance
This hollow sphere of hopelessness expands
'Til it pop and there is only nothingness
Between nothingness and I, but I digress

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
Perfect skin
Ball of life
A blister, a blip
Once removed
Collected cool
Often sidelined and whipped

[Verse 2: Zach Quinn]
I'm teething at the toes of courts convened
In the arena of the argument demeaned
The blissful absence: wealth unearned, ne'er bought
Betrothed to open-world hallucinauts

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
Shifting shapes
Sleek dissolve
Still bereft of a cause
Farers clad
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No respite a conditional clause

[Bridge: Zach Quinn and Pears]
Driven only by the void
My darling Anhedonia
(Give me d**h!)
(Give me d**h!)
(Give me d**h!)
(Give me d**h!)
(Give me d**h!)
(Give me d**h!)
This fortress once erected
Named and scheduled for collapse
Fading aptitudes and instincts
And all memories left to pa**
Grip the hands of my companions
With whom I'll perish in my cell
Ancient fables of immortal sounding
Like a dying bell

[Outro: Zach Quinn and Pears]
I can still feel them
(It carries like an atom bomb)
Oh wistful world
It carries like an atom bomb

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