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Pears - I Love My Kennel lyrics

[Verse 1: Zach Quinn]
Needle dropped
I'll circumvent the child locks
The present tense
It's muscles strained
I might kick off my floaties when the pool's already drained

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
But I love my kennel
Tempted by my freedom
But my penchant's valor rises with my disappointment

[Verse 2: Zach Quinn]
My heart yawns
I self-destruct and then respawn
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I've broken code I'll not repair
No heavy-handed mortal will convince me that I care

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
'Cause I love my kennel
Tempted by my freedom but I'll stay in prison
Futon-surfing nightmare swallow

[Bridge: Zach Quinn & Pears]
Pouch of feelings oversized
Footprints I don't recognize
My stomach curdles at the angles and the shape
Oh, what monsters make

[False Chorus: Zach Quinn]
Go to prison, don't die

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