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Pears - Great Mt. Ida lyrics

[Verse 1: Zach Quinn]
I am a higher order
Peer below, the symptom stayed

Beneath the threshold of the radar
Quietly growing, undisplayed

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
Boiling, but never boiling over
With the grace of an unattended child

[Verse 2: Zach Quinn]
Along the flanks of great Mt. Ida
Finger painting crimson stills

Of domes constructed by the centaurs
Drawn like moths to light, weak-willed

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
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Boiling but never boiling over
I hear them giggling but I'm blind to the facade
Summit beckons, calling, condescending
I sigh with the force of the fists of a god

[Bridge: Zach Quinn]
Shame, shame

[Outro: Zach Quinn]
When the sun implodes
'Twil cauterize our bo-bos
Restored to ash
Breeze sweeps away our egos
Through time we'll gently drift
Scattered in this labyrinth
What we've held in our hands
Gone with us , eternally absent
Take me!

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