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Pears - You're Boring lyrics

[Verse 1: Zach Quinn]
Do the same thing every day
By coaches methods it's okay
You're boring

By transitive, well, I am too
Carried over, pinned on you
You're boring

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
Shackled down in repertoire
I am amazing
Six months past unthinkable
Life cruelly hazing

[Verse 2: Zach Quinn]
Nights for weeks, I'm off the grid
Hiding where the junkies hid
You're boring

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You're doing lines, I watch TV
A contest in monotony
You're boring

[Chorus: Zach Quinn]
In loathing our shared destiny
A freeing summation
I insult that which I've become
A divine correlation

[Verse 3: Zach Quinn]
I've got the itch, you've got it too
When all is lost what's left to do?
You're boring

[Outro: Zach Quinn]
Eclipsed by what
My name implies
You're f**ed

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