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Pearl Gates - Fly Thoughts lyrics

[Part 1: Stricklin]
Hands high, I'm fly, you on stand-by
Lyin' rappers, you a firecracker, I'm a landmine
Grafitti thoughts, vandalise 'til the cans dry
The boss! I'm the man of ya plans, I ran by

Stand stiller, shock!, [?]
We (are) in demand. That's why the stands with fans fill up
No manzilla, in a villa with grand pillars
Playin' J Dilla out in the sands of Anguila

I'm like a ventriloquist, ghostwriting
Rappers scared when they see me like a ghost sighting
Macbook Air, dim room, low lighting
Like watching Mayweather from the first row fighting

Nah, it's no hiding, I hunt you down
From my flow, you sunken drown
The landing gear's out, and it's touching ground
Fly thoughts pull into the day. You can unbuckle now

[Hook: Pearl Gates]
I'm talkin' fly sh** only

What they talkin' I don't care for
Fresh outfit, I'm at the airport
Pa**port got too many stamps on it, 'ay

I'm talkin' fly sh** only

Places where you've never been
I'm a regular, is this my regiment?
So high, you would think I'm heaven sent
Man, I'm talkin' fly sh** only

[Part 2: Masta Ace]
Yeah. These guys major, you kinda like a skypager
n***a you twenty years behind, whatever God gave ya
I take off and what I break off, the crowd's favourite
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My cruisin' altitude is greater than you clowns' wages

It's Miles Davis in the cockpit, my style's greatest
It's Mickey Howard in the tower, man, it's outragous
Fallin' heavy from the sky, we are ground breakers
Frequent flyers we admire where the sound take us

These boys (are) real and we build like ?our record sets?
Bu(s)iness cla**, get this cash and collect the cheques
These fly thoughts mean that y'all should respect the vet'
"Above The Clouds" like Gang Starr (and) Inspectah Deck, yeah

[Bridge: Pearl Gates]
Y'all must not, hear me though
LIVE from the city like here we go
Cause that dude [?]
Flyin' out the Monaco's, the same in the video

Wow! sh**, I'm talkin' way too true
Merci beaucoup, when I cruise through
Sweat these flows, feelin' like I'm no cool
It got me talkin' fly sh** only

[Part 3: Wordsworth]
Chartered a jet. Easy for me
For you it's probably harder to get
I've been fly since you bought a ca**ette
And that's true as the sky's blue and yep, true as water is wet. Let's Go!

Party in the tower
Stripper pole, we gettin' naughty on the hour
Disco ball, a DJ, the whole nine
Mile High Club, we turked up the whole time

That's what we all decided
Flight attendents, pilots, yeah they all excited
You got a layover, come up, yup, you all invited
Delta jet, Blue, American, we all united!

[Hook] [2x]

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