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Pearl Bailey - Legalize My Name lyrics

Will I, won't I, do I, don't I?
All you wanna do is bill and coo
But you empty handed when the bill is due
If you really love me and you love me true
Legalize my name

Will I kiss you, ain't the issue
You've been tellin' everyone you met
That you want a sample of the way I pet
That all the sample, you gonna get
Legalize my name

For we ever can dwell out in long valleys
You must learn how to spell Justice of the Peace
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And I spell that peace with an E-A
My heart flowin', sparks are showin'
If you want those little sparks to bust into flame
You've got to legalize my name

Don't care where I live at, or what I live in
House, apartment, or flat, any place but sin
If house is what it is now, Lord have mercy
If you, prize me, don't arise me
Give me an old piece of parchment that I can frame
You got to legalize my name

Bring the preacher and the licenses
Now don't forget to pay for the licenses
That's very important

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