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Peachcake - Did I Just Do That, Or Was It Jim Carrey? lyrics

This ones for the audience can't you see
That i'm runnin runnin round adams apple tree
From capital grounds to the smallest town
Issues with control of the crown

They're trying to set our moral provisions
By reconfiguring our s**ual decisions
This won't last long we must take action
Against the grain, graaaaaaain

Male or female; i dont care
Is that the problem, or everyones fear?
Why do we get so caught up in this
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Lame shelter, audio vision
X2 (we're talkin vison)

Man in office has power of this
Taking away something thats so precious
Saying it's not so sacred to us
But its sacred less, none the less

Taking away something from our song
Not allowing the truth to be told
I can't beleive this (scienty?) is so unnaccepting, interupting

[Chorus x2]

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