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Paul Methric - I'm Alright lyrics

[Verse 1: Jamie Madrox]
If you're readin' this, then I finally did it
I'm sorry I didn't say good-bye, there was no time
Understand I was stressed
Livin' day to day was hard, and I gave it my best
But there was nothin' left, for me in this world
To convince me to stay
Now I'm long gone away
Don't you do that, don't you start with tears
Just remember the time we spent over the years
Never cry, never think bad of me
What's done is done, and that's the way it had to be
I need you to be strong from me
Say a prayer everyday in my memory
I'm sure it's helpin' me
To earn my feathers, to get some wings
And a halo and a harp and Angelic things
And even though I'm gone, and outta sight
Never worry about me, I'm alright

[Hook x2]
(I'm Alright) And if you should die
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Don't blame yourself and keep it locked inside
(I'm Alright) And everytime you cry
Don't bring down, just keep me inside of your mind
(I'm Alright)

[Verse 2: Monoxide]
You only saw the outside, never knew what I was feelin'
Now everyday you lay in bed, starin' at the ceilin'
I'm alive, but you don't see me no more
You can fill your heart with memories and things from before
(I'm not an angel)
But everybody got a purpose in life to survive when the sun rise
You gon' live to see another day
Just don't follow me, and live life your own way
Example, don't be upset, and if you forget
Get the picture with the cord around my neck
Can you handle that?
See me underground and I'm stuck, but it's cool
It's where I wanna be
Keep the drama in hand, but outta sight
And know that, I'mma be alright

[Hook x2]

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