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Path Of Resistance - That Golden Day lyrics

Relentless images glamorize and advertise
Saturate our psyches til most absorb the lies
Downplay the danger until all caution fades
Through a rose tinted lens a fantasy portrayed
Freedom through submission, watch all the lemmings run
Closer to the precipice, that damage can't be undone
Synthetic escapism where did all the years go
Lost in an inebriated blur going nowhere slow.

Won't conform to a mindset that breeds self destruction
Life's too short to waste the days in a daze of poison
Stood alone with the truth inside among the deceived
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Til the day I claim the title for what I believe
I will hold true

True to my vow
Loyal for eternity
I've pa**ed the test of time
Among the slaves I walk free

Straight Edge
Straight Edge
Straight Edge
Straight Edge

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