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Path Of Resistance - Haunted lyrics

Dissatisfaction, it haunts you, you fail to question why
Drugs of solace consumed to fill the void, unrest pacified
Willingly you've gone along, content to be deceived
Anesthetize any resistance to the fantasy perceived
Running from the symptoms, suppress the pain, medicate confusion
Spend to emphasize exterior, maintain the illusion
Accept chemicals and surgeries, prevention is denied
Consumption without consequence, your life's intent's a lie
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Self-destruction is what's packaged, promoted and sold as fun
The conditioning of future addicts has already begun
Legal or illegal their message is clear and you buy in
Work your life away, spend to ease the pain
Rapacious hunger never satisfied
In your state a**isted suicide!
Ears shut eyes closed, in your mind you're running
Do your best to hide but the plague is coming
Be not deceived

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