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Path of Resistance were billed by the Chicago-based Victory Records label as the "Wu-Tang Clan of hardcore," a bit of a misnomer based more on the fact that the group included so many members in its lineup than on any kind of hip-hop element present in its sound. Path of Resistance were a short-lived side project that grew out of the Syracuse, NY-based straight-edge flag-bearing band Earth Crisis. Path of Resistance's music was stripped-down, back-to-basics metal-tinged hardcore led by three singers with distinctly powerful voices screaming solely and completely about issues related to the straight-edge lifestyle. br /br /In 1995, Earth Crisis' van hit an icy patch of road while on tour with Shelter in the Northwest. The band's drummer, Dennis Merrick, was seriously injured enough to sideline them all from touring for a spell. So as he recuperated, the rest of the band gathered some friends and recorded an album as Path of Resistance, called Who Dares Wins, which was released in 1996 on Victory. The album cover featured a photo shot in Syracuse depicting many local straight-edge kids hanging around an abandoned building wearing ski masks and various X-oriented paraphernalia. The back of the album is a picture of the band's friend "Crazy Sean" getting Xs tattooed on his hands. The lineup credited on the album consisted of Earth Crisis singer Karl Buechner and then-Earth Crisis guitarist Kris Weichman sharing vocal duties alongside longtime roadie, friend, and tour manager DJ Rose. Earth Crisis guitarist Scott Crouse was also on board, as well as ba**ist Ian "Bulldog" Edwards (playing guitar), ex-Framework singer Shane Durgee (playing ba**), and former Earth Crisis drummer Mike Riccardi. br /br /Aside from a New Year's Day celebration in Syracuse that drew over 800 people in 1997, the band played only one other show -- a surprise performance following a Madball set later that year. Plans for future releases on Trustk** and Equal Vision were scrapped; the band dissolved by the year's end. Rose went on to contribute to another project, Prayer for a Fallen Angel, as the Earth Crisis guys got back into touring and recording action until they called it quits in 2001. Weichman joined a band called God Below. In April 2004, however, Path of Resistance reunited for a one-off show before returning to the stage once again the following New Year's. These live reunions eventually culminated in an album of new material, Can't Stop the Truth, that appeared in April 2006 on Victory. ~ Ryan J. Downey, All Music Guide

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