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PassThePeart - Sweet Paradise lyrics

Intro: One Love


Verse 1:
Now thats what a brother needs
Walking on the cool side I call the cool breeze
Best Believe
Home could be that paradise cause when there's trouble home
Could be that place of right
So lets fight(3x)
Fight For change


Verse 2:
Changing an childs future means a lot to me
Isn't that enough to see
So paint it vivdly
I rap to you this spirituality
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Like a true legend trying to prove his true legacy
I believe
What many find hard to see
Surrounded by many trees
Breathing this so called remedy
With just enough patience
I be that so called waiting in line to see
If only you could see
Stick and Stones
Could try to break a brother bones
But proves a lot when one can fight on your own
Far From Alone
The Further I'm going
I see the picture like rolling stone
As I'm closer to Home

Intro HooK:
Ah Ah Ah Ah oh(2x)

Hook End:
Drum playing

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