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PassThePeart - Set The World Free lyrics

2Pac Intro: We're not being taught to the world as it is. Were being taught to be in this fairy land. Which were not even living in any more. And like its sad....Cause Im telling you and it should not be me telling you. It should be common knowledge..Arent they wondering why death rates are going up, suicide is going up, and drug abuse. Arent they wondering or don't they understand that more kids i mean are being handed crack than diploma's. I mean like..ok like in school to analyze and then..well i learn and they should relearn it

PassThePeart Verse: Yo Yo One Time
Ah Looking at PAC discover all races
Like what's life without discrimination or people being racist
Like whatever the case is
I struggle in all places
Life's a box of chocolate even Forrest Gump could tell you how it tastes
Cause I face it
Naw Nigga lets get straight to the basics
Like Lets do more for the economy
Like help the poor so its no need for apology
Changing a childs future means a lot to me
To see kid grow up to be successful really gets to me
But honestly
Is that all to set the world free
To fight for world peace
Screaming out peace
And if God can hear me I want the almighty to know
Im forever in the mindset to believe


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Set The world free
From the pain
From the struggle
Set the world free
90s baby and it may seem crazy
But open yo eyes and realize(2X)
We all here to believe and here to survive
Do you hear me
Do you feel me

Awkward Verse:
To the poor and To the poorest
Speed up cause you the slowest
Knife bomb boom...let me show you what the horror is
A orphan as a kid
Thats looking for a happy meal but end up with dope deals
The cities a battlefield but Fuck it
All i want is the will
Killing for money cause death was the deal
Take the cuffs to the hand and in jail with no plan
No friends, No clan, and now do you want a second chance


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