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PassThePeart - Outro Skit lyrics

Intro: Ring Ring

The Office: Hello

The Back stabber:Yea ah Yea um...You see um..passthepeart..he was suppose to um..Sell his soul to me

The Office: Im sorry he doesn't sell his soul. Who is this?

The Back Stabber: Yea this um this um no of your damn business company. And we need PassThePeart to sell his soul to us

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The Office: Im sorry do you want me to leave you an message?

The Back Stabber: Yeah the message is tell that nigga there to come here and sell his soul....shit...dum sucker...matter fact let me talk to him right quick

The Office: I told you before that he's not here

The Back Stabber: Let me talk to him...just let me talk to him..matter fact im out. Im out Im out..Alright you know what you there
Hello...Man I don't need him anyway..Got me mess up. How the hell they playing this song. How the HELL this song came on..What the hell is going on?... Mannnnnnn fuck this shit!

Song plays out

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