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PassThePeart - Graffiti lyrics

[Intro]: (Spray Can Spraying)

Got sick of the drama so I skip the acting
Dance like Mike Jack but act like Sam Jackson
Beautiful ladies twerk they backs in
It ain't the attractions cause I believe in passion
Road to success in stress surprise I ain't crashing
My rhymes spit acid having the twin towers crashing
Pause on the track as I spit this rap and catch this boy spit the truth as he's rapping
Steady but passive but ready believe me
Best believe cuttie I make your life more easy
Shooting the ball so sleazy so they thought a brother was greedy
Top flight
Watch em Can't stop em this dude to right
To stand Tall and reach most heights as I keep my stance tight and while I'm holding the mic
Bone thugs & harmony wish they could live this life
I could tell its no lie
To see visions over dreams-no third eye
See through both cause I got that eyesight
Just like Kanye from the West with them flashing lights
We are all fighters so I'm prepare to fight
So when danger arrives I got my mic to your life Like silver blade knife
Cutting through(4x)
How you can't see real while its right in front of you
How you gone get caught when no one's in front of you
How you gone tell me what I need to do
They say it's bad to point but I'm just pointing to my point of view
Check the news
P.T.P rapping the Truth
Screaming out
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The juice is mines
On top of the seconds and thirds do come fine
Consider the hustle and the grind
Look at my watch like it's about that time
Hoodratts truly be those partners in crimes
I draw what's on my mind
Spray all over these walls
Life tends to call but a nigga still get no answer at all
And Though I fall
Get back up-then stack up-I clap up-then rap up my rhymes
Then make it pour like Nigeria falls
Top overall
So who's yo top five
Subtract all and plus me equals PassthePeart
Now that's right
So well and to swell just for your eyesight
I fly like C.j fly but like J Bad I don't even like fly kites
Now Add that up right
That's a equation for your observation
Straight domination over most plantations
In any occasion I be upgrading the downgrading
Any stage I'm facing I'm taking
I say me cause me got control of the placement
Can't reverse this replacement even if you reverse this placement
So many places with Graffiti on the walls
Graffiti on the walls
I ball like John Wall
I can't honor the law
And just to break the law
I spray Graffiti on the walls


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