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PassThePeart - Far From Perfect lyrics

Gotta Test the Sound
I see

Part 1

[Verse 1]
Is being perfect-perfect enough
Far from it but worth it enough
Nothing much
Cause it may be something little
The game is full with fireworks but I rather be a missal
I'm just ready to explode
Sick & tired of being the second load
The truth that's never told
The good out due the bold
I'm sold
So put your money where your mouth is
Living the life rich people could never live
I was just a kid
So I thought I was perfect
Thinking I can do it all
But blinded from what's worth it
Cause I was far from it all
I guess I'm Far From Perfect
I guess now I know it all
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Part 2

Check this out
Put your hands up for me
Put your hands up for me
For me
If you feel
Do you feel
If you feel
Do you feel
[Verse 2]
The real
As I synchronize
All the stuff I try to realize
I tried to improvise
At the same time I couldn't visualize
I saw plenty lies
(Check this out)
I Saw plenty lies
But you know what?
I gotta move on
I gotta stay strong
Yeah I gotta play along on
I'm just trying to move on

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