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PassThePeart - Cla$$ic lyrics

Intro: Yo Yo One time
I swear this shit right here is a classic(2x)

PassThePeart Verse:
Now this is what I love to do
Don't let trash talkers get to you
This right here feel spiritual
Do my best to uplift you
As you listen to this classic dude
No need to be rude
Just a young cat to damn proud
With his dick out
Saying who got the bigger balls now
Well oh wow
Intriguing how I run this thing
I can't complain
Cause even spider-man needs a smoke of that Mary Jane
Nothing Change
Cause nothing was the same
Like even Drake could feel the pain
Cause they will never let the young black male talk
Teaching the truth of the long black male walk
Were Teachers never write it on the board left with no chalk
But I guess what's the main issue
When the people you hurt could be the people who love you
I guess it could only be true

This right here
Hip Hop in the making
A Classic
Word for Word
Giving the fans what they deserve

PassThePeart Verse 2:
Well what can be prove by a unproven fact
Thats a rap
The way this kid could make the audience clap
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Is he a Classic
Super fantastic
How a artist could make miracles into magic
Now thats just creative tactics
But back to the act at hand
Fist close on my left while the mike in the right hand
That's the plan
For em to kill the industry
Cause This right here's a classic and the next legacy
I just hope you could see


Awkward Verse:
Say hello to the rap pops
From the soul of the beat drop
Can I put some lyrics to the middle of my shopping cart
Love's a scab to the feet
From the heart to the beat
Wow thats neat in the future they call me Rap Sheikh
My violence is passive as if you crashing
Coughing and hacking
Lacking the will to follow passion
It was always fashion...
My only passion..
Since When?..
It always has been
I wanna be a Cla$$ic!

This right here
Hip Hop in the making
A Classic
Word for Word
Giving the fans what they deserve

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