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PassThePeart - All I need lyrics

Intro: You got a real attitude problem thats why your a slacker. You remind me of your father cause he was a slacker too. When God created women he should provide an set of instructions. We got to do something Gerald. It was all a Dream....Had your pictures on my wall...Whoever thought that Hip Hop will take it this far

All I need(15x)

It was time & persistence
Must I be wishing
For what I need
Is this true or made believe
If only Stevie Wonder could see
How The World Is so feel with greed
It's like I want what I want and want what I need
Crazy how it seems
Felt Like it was all just a dream
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But it was just a nightmare
No fear(8x)


Yung Snow:
You gotta put in time
You gotta put in work
Tell em what you need(3x)

Biggie Small's Voice:
It was all a Dream
Had your pictures on my wall
Who ever thought hip hop could take it this far

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