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Pascäal - I'd Bet My Life That You Bet Your Life lyrics

Was it 74
Was it summer or fall
Was it corduroy, linen or wool?
I don't know
Cause it felt both warm and cold
Was it the time that you hung out my car
And told the police who you thought that they were
A bunch of f**ing slave driverse
If I remember your words right
Now, who do you think you are
Sleeping with a swastika
Under your pillow
And an electric guitar by your side
Oh Tony you were no...
You're just a well worn story I can hear on any given night
On any TV, oh yeah
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You were no mystery
You didn't wanna be a martyr
And I know you are no hero
Every night, as I was told, you'd go and write
Some cryptic lines up and down the spines
Of your favorite books which include strange works
By Burroughs, Leary and Klein
And I was well a**ured
By someone who is known to never lie
You were a bona fide poet, yeah
And I would bet my life
That you bet your life
And you've blown it!
Oh Tony, you were no...
You're just a well worn story I can read in any magazine
That would print such trash!

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