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Pascäal - How Many, So Many lyrics

Jovi - How Many, So Many ft. Pascal(Produced by Le Monstre)
Album: Puta Madre

Lyrics transcribed and submitted by JOE NEAZY

Language: Cameroon Pidgin English

[Verse 1: Pascal]
How many people fit go for unity palace
Because of flow
Way popo know
Perform for popo e pool
Then brenda di filmam with fone
How many men them fit rap?
Ok, all man di member for rap
But how many people di listen, di feelam
Sotey move doe buyam, playam back to back?
Na only one year
I don make only one year
With only one crew
So many songs them
So many downloads
So many bills
So many things them di happen
So many men them di book me for show
So many people di claim say them like me
So many ngar them di worry ma fone ohhh

[Verse 2: Jovi]
How many blow? not many!
How many shows?
How many men them be drop?
How many flop?
How many shine?
How many of the song them be dey fine?
How many men them be ngong?
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How many nkunyam? i swear say that mami na shuwine
No be all man di wear shoe, all man no di wear "socks"
For warka "empty foot" na crime?
So many haterz, so many beggers
So many begs some people no di shame!
So many songs, over sabbi di pay
So many flows boh na them that for the
Look for ma face, i no cam here for play...
Di men them want take me for some kindna way...
How many men them don rap for Brenda e birthday way e repe sit for corner the?

[Verse 3: Pascal]
How any people them cam? How many?
How many go? (so many)
How many people them real? (them few)
How many fake? (So many)
How many people them dey batto?
So many people di "check sense"
How many people them dey for studio?
So many songs them no make sense

[Verse 4: Jovi]
How many men them di wahhh?
So many people di only talk
So many people them want work
How many go dey for push truck?
So many, so many, so many
So many rappers di hate
Di men them want chop for ma plate
Dish your own shidong for the

Ooo.. Ooo..
Hai-Hai-Hai ... Hai
Ooo.. Ooo..


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