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Detroit's Pas/Cal formed in November 2000, when Gene Corduroy [lead guitar], Casimer Pascal [rhythm guitar, vocals] and Little Tommy Daniels [drums] collaborated to write The Cigarette Blouse Rebellion." That first songwriting session was the first of many, and the band's casually-refined pop sound quickly took shape. Nathaniel Burgundy joined as the group's ba**ist in February 2002, and the band signed with international pop label Le Grand Magistery Records soon after. The label released their debut EP, The Handbag Memoirs in November of that year. The band soon became notorious for their colorful live shows, which included keyboardist Richard Panic and vocalist/organist Bem. 2002 closed with Pas/Cal's appearance on A Gift From A Garden to a Flower : A Tribute to Donovan on Darla Records and Le Grand Magistery's Metamorphosis collection. In early 2003, the band appeared on the Supercuts compilation on Startime International Records and Lightning, the soundtrack for As Daylight Breaks, on Couture Records. The band also continued to work feverishly on their debut full length, released later that year on Le Grand Magistery. ~ Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide

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