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Parvyn Kaur Singh - Panjab: An Introduction lyrics

[Verse 1: L-FRESH The LION]
Let me take you to the land that birthed my mother and my father
Where life is so hard but the people work harder
Their spirits stay high coz The Lord is their master
But if you stand for something good then you become a target
And you can't trust police so ya gotta keep your guard up
Coz many times they have turned our people into martyrs
They shoot us down, they shoot us down
And make a statement by knocking our turbans to the ground
It's now the land where the rivers have stopped flowing
Where you're left not knowing what the wind will blow in
Where egos are swollen, pens no longer write poems
People move forward but they aren't sure of where they're going
And it's seems we have lost all hope
So young seeds have turned to the needle to cope
The epidemic is real, what should we do about this?
The present is poor yet our past is so rich

[Chorus: Parvyn]
Mera rungula Panjab (my colourful Punjab)
Ethihaas tenu yaadh? (do you remember your history?)

[Verse 2: L-FRESH The LION]
Mera rungula Panjab (my colourful Punjab)
Ethihaas tenu yaadh? (do you remember your history?)
Charitar see ucha (our ancestors had strong principles)
Buniyaad see khaas (and their foundations were special)

Mera rungula Panjab (my colourful Punjab)
Ethihaas tenu yaadh? (do you remember your history?)
Lai ohna ton vichar (learn from your ancestors)
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Banah rungula Panjab (and make Punjab colourful)

You can uproot a people and rise to victory
When you remove them from their language and their history
It's been edited and edited till no one knows what's up
So I never knew most of it when I was growing up
(dumb us down) my people they can't handle their liquor
We're the butt of them jokes, the funny man in your pictures
That's why you'll never find me drinking
I'd rather stand straight than as crooked as them politicians
In Panjab!

[Chorus: Parvyn]

[Verse 3: L-FRESH The LION]
I cast aside caste divides coz worth lies past the eyes
God is the mastermind and I ain't trying to spark divides
I'm trying to spark a rise, looking back to pa** the time
The past runs so deep I feel it in that heart of mine
I pay respect to it and try to stay connected with
The way my ancestors lived, I'm open to their messages
It guides me when directionless and when I'm not expecting it
That's how I know I'm blessed with it, this colourful heritage
History's sculpted by the hands of those telling it
And I'm not buying from those openly selling it
Coz chains have taken hold and freedom seems distant
We lost more than our homes when our land was partitioned
Brothers and sisters have become distant siblings
We're conditioned to beef with those who live where our kingdoms
Once stood, a place where all people came to rest
Now we leave to make a name for ourselves in the West

[Chorus: Parvyn]

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