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PAPA EPILL - R.O.T.D lyrics

[Hook: SK LaFlare]
Everywhere I go I'm selling dope
You know I'm selling wholes I'm selling 4's
Gallons of the lean sellin po
But no more drink for me I'm tryna smoke
Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke
Getting rich off the dope
Dope dope dope dope dope dope
Cause everybody tryna smoke (x2)

[Verse 1: SK LaFlare]
b**hes molly, I don't sip
Bacardi Hennessy, patron but I don't drink often
Once in a blue moon with some Wolf Gang n***as
Taking trips o t so you can't f** with us
Still waters run deep, watch 'em sink to a river
Disrespect oh well hollow tips in your liver
And I put that on the set like I put that down for a minute
But I always had it I was stacking to the ceiling
Me and Juan in the trap and we tryna make a million
Mike Free on the beat b**h you know we bout to k** it
Real street sh** real n***as gon' feel it
If you don't die slow all you n***as know the business


[Verse 2: OG Juan]
Pull up in the ben
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Already know I'm lookin clean
Pro club no Versace
Need to make a plate call me
Anything can happen I'm OG
Don't hit my line if it ain't them racks
? bring that money back
Dread head rasta top shotta
One phone call and we got ya
Give up everything you got
f** around n***a end up shot
Hit me on my line got bout 4
Poo's phone boomin for that dough
Mike Free on the beat ho
Hit a lick then I gotta go
Wolf Gang n***a Taliban
Don't say nothing run and bang


[Verse 3: Papa Epill]
Blunt ashes on my white tee
Already know a n***a still icy
This beat bang sh** on my n***a Mike Free
In the club real big pop a pill
Got hoes in the clinic, your b**h real with it
Golf Wang Taliban bust your knees, take your cheese


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