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Pagan Spirit - The Birth In Demoniac lyrics

There is nocturnal Sky in my heart
The Sky with silver robe
It lulles us so beautiful to d**h
Which is always nearly

Old and wise eliptical Queen
Wears crown on her head so bitterly
But it doesn't sit her

In this so nice day Pluto sets direction
With wand to all
And small child caught a glimpse
To mysterious lines hovering so far
But reachable for him
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In his first dream the claw grew him
It makes one's presence felt

A Sign of Witchery encroaches and takes out
Above everything and over everyone
In that moment he saw Ironbird on the Sky
From far Universe
And Daimonion was attending him by eternity

Cruelty is grandious art and so near for Him
At the time the Eyes of large Serpent
Are fulfil with calmness
In day of d**h a new Birth will come
Which will stregthening my pulse of Demoniac

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