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Pagan Spirit - Magical Creation lyrics

In deepest wells, so dark without bottom
The space river roars wildly
It determines itself when it will flow its banks...
Vessel - Mediator
Human - Course

It isn't possible for you to supress it!
Deamon 's dwelling, the surround of obsession
Into soul's pain is gradually changed

It's flow is centre of certain creation's kind
Pa**ionate nature's entities like to bathe in it
By flaming the seed flow out, precious drops
From mysterious ethereal fluid, determinated
To birth but not only for human form
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Contents of elements, boundary of existence in d**h
Multiplied power of Uran which amplify the materialism
In halls of extensive mind
They try to fix on imagination

Acquired abilities, possibility to create magically
Phosphorescent elementar entities, their greedy sights
Carried out duties of word
Final attaining token of Homunculus

Don't stop! Step forward!
I will be there, where you weren't able to come
And you won't meet me, we forestall the time...
This is privilege of the Wizard

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