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Pagan Spirit - Datura Stramonium lyrics

Under the Jupiter they are picked
And in the night they are stocked
Keys in the Earth, fruits endowed with Spell
Of Illusions dominates above mind


Seeds fulkl with poison from their roots
That had received their power in the eflorescent Night
They immerse you into the mist of vigourous destruction
Residenting in Themselves

The way of demise is in the nucleus of its amount
Such as a river which is the Gate
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Will flood you out on bank - as all!
Up to now putrescent

In the realm of plants is hidden Psyche
Forests are living and occupying
The ways of Knowledge are dangerous

The breathe of oilment isn't indulging to see to the eyes
Inserting to the paralel of Cosmos
In space of mistique
Out of life to the another world

The black flower enabling the contact with antisubstance
It grow up also today!

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