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With your pride You are spraying the souls Not for me And not for who I am. At any image area You feel at home Just to see How far you can go To behave like a child Just to see how honest we are To get us surprised as we are To find out how deep a smile can hurt To find out how deep a thought can be To find out a thing you will never know Without k**ing and overstraining the bow Tears in your eyes ruined by a laugh Many words burden your thoughts Every soul cries no matter how it k**s There is nothing you could understand Nothing you would ever choose Nothing you would ever bare Nothing you would ever feel Nothing you would ever know Nothing you would ever see Nothing you would ever reach Nothing you would ever get Nothing you would ever be Do not need a mirror To see My sad eyes Do not need broken gla** To feel my inner-wrong An unlived dream Does not have to grow Still in the nowhere Still ain't coming home Your front is washed away By an icy rain, a burning sun Can finally melt, what You have already known A new picture is born Remote, empty, lifeless Your lies will not catch you When you fall, when you cry, when you die Still left behind Wearing my smile A crown of nothing It is the same dust You have swallowed A long time ago You know this game It is your own harvest By jerks you stand up Reacting on yourself The deepest fall cannot Melt such a heart You are the winner Of your lost game

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