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Pagan Lorn - Confidence In The Executioner (share Nothing) lyrics

Lonely, lonely, lost and lonely
Lonely, lonely, defeated, conquered and lonely
Lonely, lonely, broken, burried and lonely

No longer

Nature breaks through my mask
New blood lifts the task
A thought beats up my mind
Hate will see eyes are blind
Now I take the floor
Outside hardens the core
As I start to grow
I see the long way to go
Not sure what to do
Enlightened about you
Swallowing slowly
Material and me

Well-known past
Remember your past
Eradicate your past

Some new balls took advantage of myself
Unpacked characters ventilated my love
But that will not do, there is so much more

Well-known past
Remember your past
Eradicate your past

I do not believe in whatever I have to do

World, now here I am
Between child and man
I am liberty
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Against conformity
A new energy
Loving my enemy
You made me, But you found
That I am your final count

I am the third part
Cleaninng up the battlefield
Your peace is mine
Leaving you in pieces

I am the climax
Of your awfulness
Listen to me
Hear my scornful laughter

I am strong now
Refusing to cooperate
With the blindness
In the eye of reality

I am the stresser
Checking out your pastime
Filling it up
By obtruding myself

I am the sad one
Scrambling for your inner life
Standing out here
And waiting for changes

I am here now
A fact in your life
I will break you
So you will feed me

Now I am power, growing up with rage!

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