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Pagan Lorn - Artless Treatment lyrics

So many thoughts we have lost
So many thoughts we have won
Selecting the real ones
Rejecting the false ones

Every day cuts through your heart
Every year cuts through your soul
Every pain cuts through your face
Every loss cuts through your pride

Your life turns into art
You become your own work

Time is the hammer
Pain is the chisel
You are the artist
Obey your master
Love your scars
Kiss your wreck
A body tells a story
You have to write it

A masterpiece needs time
A good life needs scars
An artwork needs pain
A human body needs signs
A new art needs energy

It is worth to live it
So workable, so unspoiled
Look at my furrows, at my veins
Look at my skin, addicted to dirt
Addicted to dried blood
Every pore needs a sign
As it grows
It must be disfigured
As it burns
It turns pale

No one can ever be or steal your work
Everything can change and improve your work

You got the whole life
To watch and change
The carca**, the soul
You will discover nothing
But you will get more laughter lines
It is great to recognize
The evolution, the age
Watch it grow, watch it change

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You agonize yourself
You critizize yourself
You tool yourself
Every pain, every workout
Is memorised
Nothing is ignored
You will know yourself better
Than you did ever before
Steel, wood and leather
Become one with your corpus
And as desired your body changes, into honor
Force, erotic, selfconfidence
A new level is born

A life leaves its trace
A strong seed, a strong hole
A new art, an old way
A life-form, a traditionA main-support, a main-line

Conclusion becomes evolution
Sweat has to be sore
In those scars I live my life
Without sense but satisfied
Nothing will stay virgin
With this treatment, this art
What a pleasure to live and learn
To protect the flesh inside

No one can ever be or steal your work
Everything can change and improve your work

Put yourself in the hole
Now creep and drink
The sadness and the filth
Cover you and your mind
Then take the water
And pour it on you
The dirt will change
The scars will stay

You got everything
You change the bloom
You are unlocked
Work on it
You have to load it
Or another one
Will load it

Change it
You have to humanize it
Or another one
Will humanize it

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