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Packman Beats - Lost Soul (Oct. 31) Clean lyrics

Get your dollars up, lil mama tryna' **** (Hey) x4

[Verse 1: DreamYoungKing]
Donald Trump on my broadcast, I see Hurricanes I see clown masks
When there's good, there's evil too, I swear the Devil got brought back
Never lose grip on my soul i'd double back and i'd carry him
***** strapped up on the corner I bet he shoot like Shawn Marion
Violence on the block, silence in Iraq all you hear is shots ringing out
Everything comes to the light like Jill Scott.. i'm singing now
Get your dollars up, lil mama tryna what?
And she strip, in my palace but I need to balance her
34 clips, like Ray Allen huh? What's with the attitude
(Ima) real *****, you prolly changed your last name to Morales
Look she pick me up for breakfast everyday Bentley or Lexus
Told myself don't you fall in love with hoes up on your Netflix
Look she pick me up for breakfast everyday Bentley or Lexus
No I, really gotta checklist.. She's just practice for my next *****

(Wolves howling)
"Man how you gon' expose yourself like.. She won't be playing this song tonight... Prolly next Halloween & the Halloween after that.. This that Thriller sh**!"

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[Hook: DreamYoungKing]
Get your dollars up, lil mama tryna ****
With my wolves rolling endo up, in that Bentley truck
Who you know?.. Who you ******* know will tear the venue up
And then take it to the hole like i'ma break the cylinder

[Verse 2: DreamYoungKing]
Everytime I spit a verse, goosebumps and them shivers showing
You might wanna stay inside, Shadowed figures by the pond
Didn't go to Riverside still get my Austin Rivers on
Shut the streets down in New York.. Only way i'm really on
Really on, only way i'm on, pop a wheelie for em
I don't read a forum, dancing in the belly of the storm
I bet Kourtney K. would toss the keys and let me whip the foreign
But I learned, don't rely on 'em, you'll see 'em when your touring
Shout my wolves out in L.A., Crocodile, Louisiana
Smoking purp under cabanas while ****** lurk in Atlanta
If shorty made a million I say **** it let her flex
She went missing in the ghost it's Phantom of the Megaplex
I'm gone

Get your dollars up, lil mama tryna' **** (Hey) x4

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