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Packman Beats - Hiroshima lyrics

b**h Im Packed With The Racks Talking Venus & Serena/
Holocaust When I Floss b**h I Ball Derek Jeter/
2 Liter Counting Stacks Smoking Thrax In A Beamer/
When Walk Up In The Mall k** Em All Hiroshima/

Hiro Hiro Hiroshima (Repeat)
When I Walk Up In The Mall k** Em All Hiroshima/

When I Walk Up In Da Mall I k** Em All Like Hiroshima/
Every Night Im In Sight Groupies Fight No Jerry Springer/
Mitch sh** Rich sh** Brad Pitt Plus Angelina/
Since Beginning I Been Winning Money Spending (Spinning) Ballerina/
No Aquafina Must Be Off Da Water Thinking That He Bad/
b**h We Hyaenas Laughing At They Daughters Dese b**hes Strags/
I Got My Feet Up/ Like Vince McMahn b**h I Got Dem Stacks/
No Lime A Rita/ We Keep Da Can n***a U Can Get Whacked/
My Senorita/ Her Named Juanita/ That b**h BoNita/
I Just I f** Her & Den I Leave Her Cuz I Don't Need Her/
I Need Racks/
When My b**h Ask I Catch Amnesia/
Hiroshima Indonesia Put That p**y In A Seizure/
b**h Im Real / These Rappers Fake Like Cousin Skeeter/
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Worth Half A Mill/ I Got That Bag Like Harris Teeter/
Keep It Trill/ Das Why They Mad At My Demeanor/
Pasadena Argentina Horror-shima Hiroshima/


b**h I Walk Up In The Mall/ Hiroshima Hiroshima/
Clean It Out I Buy It All/ Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner/
Magic Tricks Wit The Bands/ No Selena/ No Sabrina/
Get Dem Band Up Out My Hands/ Like A Cheetah/ f** A Visa/
Hit Up Truey Hit Up G-star Hit Adidas Hit Up Diesel/
f**ing b**hes Is My Hobby I Got Bodies Like Its Legal/
b**h Wats Goodie Let Me Bully Pop Dat p**y Like a Weasel/
She Gon' Do Me Loaded Fully We Got Groupies Like Da Beetles/
Dan Marino Wit These Hoes Im a Pa** Her To My Migo/
Al Pacino Wit These Clothes Im a Crack It Like Kilo/
No Mosquito Itching For Dis Franklins Jacksons Ain't No Tito/
You Finito If You Run Up Call Yourself Tryna Debo/
You Gon' Die / You Slip We Slide No Trick No Trina/
Im So Fly Like Clyde Da Glyde Up In Da Beamer/
Im So High I Touch Da Sky On Trees Like Lemurs/
Filapina Catalina Hiroshima Hiroshima/


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