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P.T. Grimm - Fangry lyrics

My toys are broken, I flushed them down the toilet.
Self seeking? I'm a brat so do my deeds.
Stick a paperclip into the socket and I'm alive.
Throw my dinner on the floor and shriek majesty.
I pissed in the fridge cuz I was tired.
f** dignity? Now I'm on trial?
My allowance unrivaled, I'm just a mighty fright.
My teddy bear told me to k** last night.
Do for the crawl as you wouldn't for the tall, and there is nobody in your stall.
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To make a mentor up for someone who will never fall, and there is nobody in your stall.
Don my cape, I'm a hero? A villain to moms.
I'm punished? Fine, I'll build a bomb.
Reach my hand into my diaper and I make a mess.
Who's the artist with his sh**? Well I confess...
Modify my water pistol, fill it with piss.
He's the serpent boy, the neighbors hissed.
There is no black or white, it all comes in gray.
Everything I say is bullsh** anyway. Owwwww...

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