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P. SO - King of Kings lyrics

I never learned to count bars I learned to count stars
A rain man but I dont count cards
I'mma deit but I dont count carbs
No comp if I dont count god no comp if I do count god
Thats because me and god are road-dogs we are not at odds
Unless you walk 760 yards in my Addias show regard to get up outta dodge
Rap is kinda Clogged Ducthies and loosies loosen alotta cogs
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Like the dutch civilians rock alotta clogs
The scene is looking glum I better cum alotta globs to birth alotta UH's and alotta AH's
Get locked up in the booth so I can poop alotta logs
The proof is in the pudding
Now the puddings gone ive proofed that I belong
I walk the walk I go beyond say, I am no Solange
For those in Salem's Lot sustaining losses, I say so long. Muah!

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