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P. SO - Get On Down lyrics

Yo, the squad is here
My crew in here
We do this here
*So get on down*
The squad is here
My crew in here
We do this here
*So-so-so get on down* x5

[Homeboy Sandman]
My rubbers is, ribbed for her pleasure
I'm better under the pressure
My set is tougher than leather
We never under the weather
We run what's under the Heavens
Like ten, is under eleven
We still alive and we legends
Utilizing our ledgers
And we've been regularly reppin'
Since before Run was a reverend
We'll bag a chick if she's begging
I'll bang a chick while she pregnant
I'll eat a rapper for breakfast
Then eat a rapper for seconds
And spread 'em into segments in milliseconds
My intellect is irregeddy-regular
I'm catching wreck in the neck of your nebula
Don't ever reckon to step in your Bathing Apes in my section
My radiation affect your molecular
I spit an ock into an octave apocalypse
I'm planning to knock the knockers top-i-less
I'm at the top of the totem pole
Holding my pole and my scrotum, homie
This throne that is rollin' with no erosion
You need to check it oouuut!


[P. SO]
The gig is up
You ain't really tough
You're a little bitty punk
Little goat, billy gruff
And I'm silly with the tongue
Roll the phillies up
Girlies get your titties s**ed
We don't really give a f**
And I'm chilling in the cut
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The dust dies down
You was upside down
Who the tough guy now?
Please pipe down with your tough guy frown
Flow hyperspace, leave you in the dust right now
Rush like blaow
Spinna makes the beat drop
Fresh got the g-shots
Sand got the reeboks
P' hot like teapot
You don't wanna test me
What am I, a clown? Dog, not Joe Pesci
Your best team's deadmeat
When it comes to reaching goals, yes, he's Gretzky
Stunting on a ten-speed
Superman get the loot again
Stash it at the hoover dam
Skate out with my hooligans


[Fresh Daily]
I'm the captain of the army
Armed with an arsenal of samples if you want me
I'm lethal with the weapon
Find me speeding through your section
If you need a ressurection
People my collectives[???]
Like the needle to injection
The antitode, my fan is dope, I handle flows
Homeboy Sand and, um, P. Ca**o
My squad so monsterous, animals
You damage us? Impossible, preposterous
My n***as is cannibals, unravenous
My habitat is scandalous
And home of the vandals, and
Writers of the manuscrips
Riders of the iron horse
The fliest of the biters
Residing were shots are fired off
Running the entire course
My admireres' admired by my fly-ness
In the mirror, all-out king, say hi to the highness
Climbing up the ladder
The freshest ever mentioned
And the rest don't even matter
Cause all we spit is fire


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