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P Smurf - Nowadayz lyrics

"Come on!"
"Nowadays(Scratched) is all I rock (???)

Verse 1:[P.Smurf]
I just want to blaze a sack
Every time I hit the studio to make a track
You know I ain't making stacks, borrow money for the master never pay it
Or fade to black nah I'm gonna chase the stars
Bars for days bruz of course I'll take the leap
Take charge, take some beats (???) Days in some shady bar
Penning lines trying to raise the bar
So what's new
Well these days feel the pressure, ain't eighteen but still rapping for the pleasure
Nine years later still pa**ionate as ever only thing keeping me going is the fact I'm getting better
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And the belief my words ring long into the night
Giving something to them girls and boys that gotta fight
For just a small fraction of the treasure
Ain't sitting back like a pacifist working on my manuscript
Still searching for the amulet
Purple, crystal, amethyst
Milk done curdled
Kids gone ravenous
Here's some herbal, hit some cannabis
Looking like inanimate objects almost ten o'clock best be grabbing some longnecks
Contest not there like the lochness
Or happy couples i see a lot less
So quick lock lips and swap spit like rock kids in the mosh pit
While I got bars bangin' like bomb threats

Verse 2:[P.Smurf]

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