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P.O. - By Any Means lyrics

[Verse 1: B-Eazy]
I could give a f** if I sold one or one million, but I think you should/
Cuz even if I sold one, then my intentions were good/
And my intentions, you ask? Was to create a Dallas cla**ic/
So go cop another one and keep that one in the plastic (By Any Means)/
You had to have it/ All recorded, mixed, and mastered (Check the credits)/
B-Eazy beat up every drum on this record/
Who's the EP? Me!/ CEO? Me!/ sh**, who else than the muthaf**in' B-EAZY!/
The greatest moment that'll change your life, the second you hear it/
Is when n***as would go word-for-word reciting your lyrics/
And then you stop and just chill/ Cuz the vibe is so real/
Then you realize this music sh** ain't just bout a deal/
I'm leaving a legacy for my kids (unborn)/ Look what your pops did/
So even when I'm dead and gone/ My lyrics lives on/
Now that it's said and done/ and Dallas has crowned me the new Don/
Go spread the word/ Or you won't even get another record from me!/

[Hook: B-Eazy]
By Any Means
By Any Means
By Any Means
By Any Means

[Verse 2: B-Eazy]
My T. Jones told me "If you want a Benz, go buy a Benz"/
My pops said/ Don't call thses n***as your friends/
They steady try to outsmart you, and you a smart dude/
Finished four years of high school/
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Know scriptures of the Bible and the street codes to survival/
I don't watch tv, too much/ Cuz it's too many gays/
And you won't see me in the spot, if it's too many strays/
I learned to flip paper, forwards, backwards & sideways/
I been a solo n***a ever since my younger days/
Therefore, I drank by myself/ Smoke by myself/
Plus, f** all your hoes by my goddamn self/
I'm the type I don't believe it, till I see it with my pupils/
(Now its clear) I get it, money ain't the root of all evil/
It's in the people, guns don't k** n***as, we do/
And some n***as can't stand, when I make more cheese than he do (Feel that)/
I'm strong enough to carry Dallas on my back/
And I'm sure the D.O.C., he can vouch for that/
Let's go!


[Verse 3: B-Eazy]
I've been told that I'm the one by some of my closest n***as/
So I'm doing it for them/ But when I'm approaching figures/
n***as stab me in the back/ So I'm on a solo venture/
B-Eazy bout his stacks, for dolo/ No splitting it witcha'/ I'm fine/
Some n***as shady, I'm reclined, bumping Jay-Z, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1/
The City is Mine/ So if I'm occupied or too tired, to give you my time/
Just understand your boy been on the grind/ P.O. talk to them!/

[P.O. Spoken Word]

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