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P$c - Let's Get It lyrics

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, it goes 1, and here comes the 2 to the Three
6 Mafia, with the R-A-E
From N.Y.C. to the Memphis Tenne-ky
We ro-tote that ammo, berettas and good green
On the club dance floor, we make them bottles start to popping
In the club parking lot, we got those Glocks, body rocking
With four limos going on, there still ain't no stopping
Hypnotize and Icewater got the speakers straight rocking
With a thug on the piano, all of them glizz a bananas
Double O tre', like a letter, as with gray tape on bandanas
I hit the power like if I was Tony Montana
And make a n***a break his head like M.C. Hammer

Aiyo, it's time to take over, we the new age mobstas
Love them automatics but I stay with them revolvers
Post on the block, keep the goons in the hallway
I don't touch nothing, yo I handle mine the boss way
So keep fronting, I'mma show you what the four say
Bulldog bark like them dogs up in raw way
So act up and keep thinking you hard
All you did was get one step closer to God
And I want ya'll n***as to push me, I'mma crack his forehead
And watch him spread open like a p**y
Whoever got a problem with that, n***a speak out
Use the back of the fifth, tear a n***a teeth out
Ice dot, who you know better than that?
Gunshot put his bladder all over his lap

[Hook 2X: Polite]
I don't like you, and you don't like me
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So when we bump heads, tell me what it's gon' be
Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, let's get it
Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, let's get it

[P.C.] (D.C.)
Aiyo Cash let me get 'em (nah, Caskets let me get 'em)
f** it you can have 'em, I smash whose evers wit 'em
My four four mag, toe tag, whoever's riffin'
And my logo, Cash (what, Caskets, is you kidding?)
Chill, don't laugh, cuz Cash, yo, I be tripping
Cuz I know they bags, and caskets'll that'll fit 'em
(Caskets, I'mma split 'em, I'm accurate when I spit 'em
That mack clips, send bastards backwards when I hit 'em
Them shots come, back to back when I be spitting)
It's a fact, you'll be reppin' plastic from the Smith &
(I make his faggot a** do backflips from a distance
If he ever cross Cash and Caskets) You'll be missing

Bust flames at faggots, jump out the window with the ratchets
Camouflage vest on, big hatchet
Move through the city like Gotti boys, going to court
Three G suits, new blue shotty toys
Can't take nothing from us, you'll die from the get-go
Might find your head spreaded in the Pinto
Me go hard from paper, bread, yen, Euro
Make one call, my criminal bureau
Is straight now, everything, I said it, I sent it, whatever
Big daddy get yours, we been in it
Wu-Tang's foulest, Icewater's wildest
Three 6 Mafi', big papi with the Cialis

[Hook 2X]

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