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P$c - Hip-Hop Tribute lyrics

[Hook: sample]
I love you so.. never gonna let you go baby
I love you so.. never gonna let you go baby

[Intro: Polite (Stumik)]
Icewater.. (yeah dedication to my n***as, I love y'all)

I remember back when, a n***a first started rapping
Wu-Tang was the main attraction
Rae and Ghost was the illest team
Deck did his thing on C.R.E.A.M
Meth made you wanna smoke weed
Dirt and Uey, spit with SWV
I used to rock Cuban Linx and go and double my cheese
Duckin' the D's, RZA was the Prince Rakeem
So peace to the whole Clan and thanks for everything

Yo, it's hip hop/rap, let's take it back, 1986
When MC Shan, Marley Marl, n***as rocked the bridge
I watched video hot tracks on T.V
Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, down to Biz Markie
Remember UTFO and The Real Roxanne?
"Eric B. For President" was a cla**ic jam
KRS repped the Bronx, Boogie Down, rap battles threw down
From the roof top to Polo Grounds
I had the big boom box, thumping Scott LaRock
Hip hop was hot, had shorties doing the wop
And my n***as used to break dance to Planet Rock
From doing the pop, spinning on the cardboard box

Aiyo, it seems it's all good, but the block is mean
It's like, hip hop, showed me how to rock my jeans
If it wasn't for this rap game, where would I be?
Gunned down, dead in the streets, or locked in the beast
Yo, when Big died, that's the day the world cried
Peace to Pac and Pun, Aaliyah, we ride
Yo, I wanna take this rap game back to the beginning
Where Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay was spinning
Yo, it wasn't easy, n***as had a harder way
Doc The Roc, he spinning on Harbor's day
It's like, hip hop, showed me how to live my life
My name's Jason, but hip hop named me Lite
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Straight money, get a live lad, young seed, color me bad
My wallabees red, the lobby, we would grab n***as
Selling mad smoke with caves on, brushin' my waves
My highway ninjas, fly the sensation
Black trenchers, e gooses, mad looses, come in the booth
Doug E. Fresh and 'em, Rick and them suits
The raw lotto years, switch up the emblem, more color bottles
Gold on a n***a neck, slidin' around cop Gallo
What? Playin' Union Square, chillin' with Ewings who care
My first day, picture me scared
I been to high lite, and anarchy, can't rob me, all in the train
The A, baby boy, blowin' on yard weed
R.C. Tone, K-Fin, J-Gosh
The n***a Rosh, Buddha Rob, Black Chavy and Marsh
Move on, I shout yesterday's dons, God love and respect
I hope your dreams come true, word is bond

When n***as used to be in cyphers I was sittin in the back
Never said nothin, I just used to listen to rap
Wu was still tryin to get on the map
I was a youngin', when I realized that I had a mission in rap
So I grabbed my pen and my pad, gave it everything that I had
I swear I used to sit in the lab
And write all night, n***as used to make me hype
Freestylin in the mirror with a brush as my mic

[Rhyme Recka]
This is my music, it made me, taught me, raised me
Held me down, 24/7, when I need it from it it gave me
Put me on to the latest gear, put a durag on my hair
Throwback or baseball hat, Air Force One's, an Avirex triple five vex' on my back
This is now but I still remember way back when
When we used to rock Puma's, Gazelles and back spin
Before 106 & Park, they used to throw jams in the park
Cheeba got sparked after dark, twisted in bamboo paper
That was when that battle between KRS-One and MC Shan was major
Kane was raw, what Rakim said on beat was never said before
The streets was hot, on every ghetto on every block
And every radio you walked by was blastin off that real hip hop {*echoes*}


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