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P$c - Gunz N Butter lyrics

I hear you wanna live my life, n***a, just log on
To WWW Dot Chris Terra Dot Com
Back slash, Whip Yo Ass, Dot n***a Dot Com
Come experience the sh** that I'm on, more than just rap
Money, s**, d**, I can give you a pack
Give you a whole f**ing ounce, if you want, it's cool, n***a
Cuz, we can do whatever you want
Bring your guns to the town and bust
Two on two, you and yours, put 'em up against Tera and Trust
Squeeze til your cranium's crushed, you're coughing up blood
Fill your lungs with so much lead, you'll be coughing up slugs
Got the repercussing n***a, when you f**ing with thugs
Twenty seven, T.M.F., who f**ing with us?
Stapleton's Finest, Broad Street k**as behind us
Have you bleeding all week like a f**ing vagina

[Squigg Trust]
Squigg's incognito, draw metal like Magneto
And bring the blood out ya like a West Nile mosquito
I ain't biting, I'm shooting, my gun smoke's polluting
Your last gasp for air, the coroner'll do the moving
Of your body, you can catch Tera, Trust and Trife in the lobby
On Broad Street and Warren's where you find me
Posted with my game face on, and tre eight long
Make a sale on my block and bet I blaze on
Hot like fire, we spitting rhymes like saliva
Stapleton Projects, they're ain't another hood liver
n***as'll put a hole in your liver, and one in your kidney
Place the gun on my waist while it's blazing like a chimney
Gun powder residues, on my Nike glove
Leave you for dead at the scene, your admomen's oozing blood
That's ST-A-P-L-E, T-O-N, Projects, I love my hood, Stapleton
We pack chrome, and we known, that's where the deaf heads roam
Live and die for our hood, n***a it's home sweet home

[Tommy Whispers]
You disgust me, like a scuff on my Timbs
You ain't learn from the first verse, whose f**ing with him
Stay bent with a chuck full of gin, under the tongue, tucking a gem
Riker's Isle style, stuck in the pens
Get cut, from ya eyebrow down to your chin
Bullets attack the team's logo, exit out through your brim
You already know how Tommy do, papi chu', got the game locked
Like copy do, cop and go, lock and load
Rock a show, thirteen, years on the honor role
Professional, mix the track down like vegetables
Put my life on it, got Trife on it
Watch me drink a bottle of Jack and shoot dice on it
Put your money where your mouth is, better price on it
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Damn, Tommy, calm down, you just got hype on it
Cuz these n***as think they live til they see the pipes coming
So what we try'nna tell ya, just go and write something
More fire, look your face bulging, higher

[Kryme Life]
sh**, even if ya hating, ya'll n***as gon' still feel us
When it's on, ain't no waiting, my n***as is gon' peel sh**
Stainless steel, aim to k**, and where ain't giving out lead shots
n***a we gon' flame ya grill, for real
Hold my heat sturdy like an infant grip
And keep it neat when I bust it like penmenship
Curve my bullets like script, from around the corner
n***as get hit, straight out of nowhere, run up on you
Now you get mixed, ain't gotta go there
Cuz when the stomach growl, n***as play foul
No fair, aiyo, this gon' be a grimey year, I can smell it in the air
That's why I make sure I'm on point, like a spear
Yo, my n***as got, too many darts, too much smarts
All ya'll n***as got, is too many thoughts and not enough heart
Ya'll don't want nothing to spark, I'm pouring gas on the fire
First time, gon' be the last time you try us

Aiyo I, ride with iron, test me if I'm lying
I'mma survive, if not, I'mma die trying
I was taught to get money, stack, never spend money
And if I need more, I know how to flip money
I'm thinking of ways, to get rich, dummy
Can't starve no more, gotta eat when I'm hungry
If it take guns to feed me, I'mma fill my tummy
Cross me, I guarantee sh** will get ugly
I done been through it all, had my downfall
Now it's, time to rise, like the sun at dawn
You don't want beef, so don't even come at me raw
You be like damn I never seen a gun that long

[Trife Diesel]
Aiyo, these things that I'm tossing'll make you lose most of your organs
Especially the one's that's mostly important
See I brawl with the best of men, n***a, you extra thin
And you a b**h, your body produce estrogen
My guns shoot excellent, free from the worries
Leave the, scene in a hurry, last seen in the berry
Your team'll get buried, don't cross the stream on that Ferry
When it's on, get ya dogs, my hyena's is ready
Get placed in the body bag, hit up your body bag
The doctor lost count on how many holes your body had
No time to lolly gag, in and out the lobby fast
n***as is hating, screwfacing, they obviously mad

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