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P$c - All Night lyrics

[Intro: D.C.]
Icewater, Jagged Edge
And we can do it til the sun rise, girl
I'll have you talking bout you loving mines, girl
So don't stop, get back in bed
It's Icewater and Jagged Edge

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
All night, all night, all night, all night
We gon' be here pushing til the sun comes out
I'mma be a pimp, til yo toes curl up
All night, all night, all night, all night
We gon' be here pushing til the sun comes out
We gon' be right here, get it popping all night long

Allah done raised black and red, she like to do it to the music
And the fingers on the player, Jagged Edge
I never let my magic bet, cuz I can do it all night
All types of positions, cuz I don't strike in bed
So how you want it, from the front or from the back instead
Or from the side, you can ride, while I relax in bed
You feeling sleepy baby girl, just think it's Cash's meds
That you can take to stay awake until the magic's dead
Let's make it last instead, I'm talking hours in the showers
Ain't no throwing the towels, let's take it back to bed
And you don't have to beg, I'l give it to you
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Til the moon drops, let's make the moon rock until we crack the bed


I got your bath water running, you feeling hungry, I can order something
Looking at your body, I just wanna touch it
Forget how he do you, let P.C. do you
And I'ma make your toes curl like a Cheese Doodle
Skip the convo, the words is worthless
I'm trying to get it popping til the birds is chirping
The sun rise up, we can close the curtains
I'm the all night type, baby girl, I worsen
Beast to the sheets, the freak of all freaks
Baby bump round to put you to sleep for four weeks
I hope you ready cuz it's gon' be a long night
P.C. about to give it to you all night

[Jagged Edge]
You be the teacher, and I'll be the student
Any ideas that you got, we can use 'em
Intertwining bodies, in one beat like it's music
You ain't gotta waste your turn
Devil's due, one day churn
Flowing, my two way on silent
Hoping, to rupture, forbidden type of...


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