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P$c - Actin' Fly lyrics

[Chorus: Polite]
Damn, shorty, all I said was hi
(But it seems you acting fly)
Oh, now you wanna talk to me?
(When you see me in my ride)

Yo, bitch, go 'head, all a nigga said was hi
All stuck up, shorty why you acting fly?
I'm not your average guy, but shorty I made ya
With major paper, could of been your savior
Too, cute to talk, you too cute to holla back
Too cute to dance, what the fuck is that, bitch?
What, you should of stayed your ass in the crib
Be gone, right along with them bad ass kids
Damn, ma, I just wanna dance a little bit
Grab your hips, rub up on your ass a little bit
We can hit the bar, get our bub on
Hennessey and Ali', get our thug on, later get our fuck on
After a show, hit your ass in the bleachers
Yo, shorty we can fuck right on top of the speakers
Huh, so keep acting like your shit don't stink
Keep acting like your pussy ain't pink, bitch, go 'head

I don't know why you acting funny
In the club, searching for a cat with money
One cup, then I'm bagging honey
I'm trying to leave this bitch with the baddest bunny
Nigga, I got my eyes on the chick at the bar
But she don't wanna talk unless a nigga's a star
She suck me off like a Now & Later
Now take off the ring that that coward gave ya, baby
I'm in the buns bout an hour later
And that sweet thing turned into a sour flavor, bitch
Now go 'head with your foul behavior
You ain't nothing but a hood bitch, that's out for my paper, baby

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[Chorus: Polite]
Damn, shorty, all I said was hi
(But it seems you acting fly)
Oh, now you wanna talk to me?
(When you see me in my ride)
Yo, damn, shorty, all I said was hi
(But it seems you acting fly)
Yo, could it be the Escalade?
(Or the chrome on the SL5)

Yo, I get money, I don't gotta shoot hoops to ball
Shorty fronting on me, like she too cute to talk
I bet I can make her lose her drawers, if she see me outside
In the ride, and the roof is off
I can care less if you got a man, P.C
Never trick bitch, don't be sticking out your hand
No trips, we ain't sitting in the sand
I ain't spending money on the telly, let me hit it in the van
P.I.M.P., you can call me that
It ain't a chick that I hit, that ain't call me back
You know the pipe game's off the map, might let her get a ride
To the telly, but she's walking back

Yo, it's too many hoes, close the world to be fronting and shit
Seen the Cadillac truck now you all on my dick
In the club seen me balling with chips, go 'head
This ain't no hand out, bird, I ain't giving you shit
Shorty think she all that, with ya big ass lips
Fake Gucci sneakers on, and those tight ass hips
Acting like you don't know who the fuck this is
Like I won't smash a cooch and pluck ya ribs
This is grown man talk, ma, you used to kids
See you hanging at the bar where them groupies live
You ain't bad enough to cruise in a hooptie six
Take your ass, keep walking and shit, you broke bitch, go 'head


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